Sankalp Award films

In May 2009 Madhu from Mam Movies contacted us to film nominees of Sankalp Award. Sankalp is a forum for social entrepreneurs. It is during this time that God moved us in his own vigor to film 12 people in period of 5 days. It was my our  time with people. Therefore through out the shoots I could hear the voice of the spirit advising me to set frames and colour combinations. I was totally new to the field and had no experience but the Lord was completely in charge of the shoots and was working His ways through us. What a brilliant experience it was !!!.

The feedback of MAM movies was that the shoots were apt and they were amazed as to how with no filming experience was setting such wonderful frames.” When I am weak is when HE is strong”Click here for Sankalp Films.

Watch video Sankalp Award